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Miamor Kissan kana-snack 30g

Miamor Kissan kana-snack 30g

Pakastekuivattuja herkkupaloja

Miamor Kissan kana-snack 30g  

- Pakastekuivattuja kissan herkkupaloja  

- Tarkka valmistusprosessi takaa aidon ja hyvän maun  


kanan rintafilee 100%  


valkuaisaine 84%, rasva 5%, kuitu 0.2%, hehkutusjäännös 5.5%  


Miamor Sensible Snacks are freeze-dried in a complex production process with subsequent sterilization. This special drying process preserves the full meat taste and dispenses with any additives. 

Miamor Sensible Snack is not only irresistible, its also ideal as a pure PUR product for nutritionally sensitive cats. 

After opening please store in a cool, dry place.  

Petfood for adult cats  

Composition: 100% chicken fillet.  

Analytical constituents: protein 84%, fat 5%, ash 5.5%, fiber 0.2%.  

Feeding recommendation: In addition, as a reward between daily meals. 

An average sized cat (4kg) receives up to 15 per day. 

Please always provide enough fresh drinking water.  

- Gluten-free  

- Grain-free   

- No additives  

- Irresistible in taste 

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